Measuring progress towards
a cleaner future.


The Generator Project is a collaboration between Film & TV Crew, Production Companies, Film Offices and Equipment Suppliers who want to help speed up our industry’s transition to an energy-efficient, lower-carbon future. We are all aware of the impact traditional generators have on air quality and the subsequent damage caused to the environment and people’s health.

The Generator Project’s aim is to encourage more availability of Stage V generators, promote emerging Battery Technology, Green HVO, Hydrogen & LPG fuels. The Generator Project will showcase what works and what doesn’t and connect suppliers who invest in new generators & technologies with clients who are keen to do things differently. To make this happen we intend to gather data on current generator use in urban areas. 

The Generator Project will use this information to circulate regular anonymised reports which track our industry’s take-up of cleaner alternatives. It will also be an information hub to help production companies discover new ways to power their shoots. 

Measuring progress towards a cleaner future.

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Residents living in popular filming locations regularly complain about fumes given off by film company generators. We want to take action to reduce air pollution because the current situation is not acceptable. People have a right to clean air, and FilmFixer wants to play its part in helping the film industry improve its working practices.

Through our work with productions and suppliers, we have become increasingly aware of the appetite within the industry for practical solutions to make film sets greener. The Generator Project is an opportunity for us all to work together, to collect real data on where the need is greatest and to use the data as a basis for future innovations.

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We will share data and information gathered through the project every 4 – 6 months.


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